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You are a glorious, fantastic, 
uncensored work of poetic art
Painted and written, sepia tinted
and bursting with indescribable color

Your form is ever changing
as life is applied
sometimes gently 
like feathers softly blown
sometimes intense, harsh and scary
like a crashing, heavy burst
of red and orange and yellow
haphazardly splashed on a canvas

all at once fearless and
fearful that the outcome of your painting
will be unacceptable
or even an unappealing mess
to be thrown away-discarded
of no value

Then the Master artist glimpses the work
that most would toss aside
He is drawn to the passion and depth,
the ebb and flow of this one life's work

He sees that it is because of the 
chaotic application of color and texture
mixed with quiet, methodical, rhythmic, 
concentrated consistency of the day to day
that brings the work to LIFE

Others are drawn to it 
to gaze on it's complex depth 
and remarkable beauty
and you are aware that
this was worth the

Beautifully Broken

I am cracked and broken 
Without God I am a black abyss 
Empty and hollow 
Without hope 

I am cracked and broken 
But filled with my Lord and Saviour 

Now the cracks are flooded 
With beams of radiant light 
and I am aglow with 
Contagious new hope! 

copyright Jill Tennison 2009


Never be afraid of a
New thing

Close your eyes
Grit your teeth
and be sure there is no easy way out
So that you must do the thing 
Which seems to 
Scare you to death

For when you do it
Truly it will not bring death
but vivid LIFE

copyright Jill Tennison 2009

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